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Grades 2 - 10

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Online tutoring sessions starting Mon, 14 Sep 2020

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A lot more than just online tutoring!


Perfect Class Size

We recognize that students learn best in an environment that is collaborative and where healthy discussions are encouraged. All our study sessions are limited to 5 students per class, a perfect class size to help students maximize their true potential, engage in insightful discussions and collaborate with team members.

Personalized Curriculum

Our learning programs are designed by expert educators and personalized to meet the specific learning needs of the students. Thereby, helping them overcome learning gaps, complete their homework, ace their tests, and provide life long learning skills.


School of Champs' unique approach to learning advances our student's abilities in the classroom and outside. Thanks to our focus on super skills: vedic mental math, speed reading, website design, Google suite, and more in our Super Class program.

Extended Hours

All our study sessions are 1 hour and 15 mins in length to encourage healthy discussions, focus on mental health and create a stress free learning experience. Not only that, the extended study sessions provides students time to settle in, re-calibrate their focus and ultimately ensures time is well spent on a meaningful educational experience.

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Supercharged online experience

We provide an online learning experience where study, homework and fun are all integrated into one.

Our online platform, Google Classroom combined with some  amazing learning apps such as Kahoot,  Classcraft etc. provide students with the best of the best online learning experience. Now, learn from wherever your are!

Healthy Mind

A sound mind is a sound body. Every study session at School of Champs begins with 10 mins of Yoga and Meditation. We believe that sometimes just asking about how our students are doing can go a long way.

We haven't forgotten about you, parents. Our detailed monthly progress reports and feedback will aid your mental health too.

Learning = Fun

We believe in the notion that learning can be fun too!


All our post session worksheets, quizzes and exams alternate with fun games and discussions. We make sure our students are always motivated and enjoy our process of learning. Wait. Did we mention rewards and goodies?


Math and Geometry Tools

Roshan, Grade 4

I have never had so much fun in a class. School of Champs makes the concepts so easy to learn.


Anjali, Grade 2

I love the coding class. It is so much fun. I enjoy learning with School of Champs.


Krish, Grade 7

What I most love about School of Champs is their student driven curriculum. They are always testing our knowledge and pushing us towards a higher difficulty level.

Here is what our students say about us:

World changing ideas right here at School of Champs. Imagine learning how to speed read or designing a website in Grade 4?

Ontario Ministry of Education claims that Grade 6 students in the province have one of the lowest math scores in the country. We are here to change that! Join us to excel at Math

Did you know? It is the water molecules in your food that causes the food to heat up in the microwave. Explore Science with School of Champs and be amazed!

Students code with Scratch, a block-based programming tool developed by MIT. Students "snap" together blocks of commands that the computer can carry out. Learn coding with us at School of Champs.

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