Our balanced learning program combines our intense and unique 6-step learning process designed for Math, Science, and Code with the learning needs of the student. Our personalized study sessions are aligned with the student's school schedule and complemented with balanced and adaptive homework. All with progressive difficulty. This means that on a difficulty level, a grade 4 student could be solving a grade 5 or even a grade 6 question.

Each of our student driven study session consists of drills, problem solving strategies, insightful discussion through cooperative work groups and meditation for a healthy mind and stress free learning environment. Our extended hours of 1 hour and 15 mins provides students time to settle in, re-calibrate their focus and ensures time is well spent for a meaningful educational experience.

By tailoring our learning programs specific to student's needs, we help them overcome learning gaps, complete their homework, ace their tests 🏆, and provide life long learning skills🎓. Our learning programs are designed by expert educators to provide students with tried and tested learning methods and integrate the 2020 Ontario K-12+ Curriculum.

Our Super Champ program trains students in skills that can help them advance in their careers. It is an ad-hoc skill training session that runs every month. Sessions include learning Google Suite, working with Microsoft Excel, Website development, Speed reading etc. Basically all the skills we wished we had but for students 😎


Why? So that our students can get a head start and learn life changing skills right at the beginning and help them advance in their careers. And the best part, parents can join in too! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


*Every student that enrolls with us gets access to Super Champ. 

We embed the Indian Math System into our Math Champ program to give our students the competitive advantage and increase their potential to be math geniuses. The Indian Math System is a combination of three things:

1. Speed Math (or Vedic Math): We integrate speed math into each learning module to enable super fast mental math abilities.

2. Smart Practice: We focus on efficiency rather than volume and,

3. Multi-strategy approach: We recognize that every student learns differently and hence we tackle the same problem in numerous ways.

Come be a Math genius with us 😎

Join our Math Champ program now!

The Science Champ program developed by us comprises of study sessions embedded with loads of practical based learning to strengthen their core science fundamentals while still in school 💪


The Science Champ program can be an excellent way, not only to help get students caught up with their science class but also to introduce learning and study strategies that will help them throughout their academic career.

We realize that  when a student struggles with science, it is often because they have a different learning style than others in their class.  Hence our personalized study program adaptive to their learning style and ability can help students excel at Science and prepare them for future success 🧬

Our super popular and super fun Code Champ program is designed with the sole purpose of helping students build a strong foundation in Computer Science right from their school days.


Based on Google's CS First Initiative, students will learn to code in the Hatch programming language developed by MIT specially for students. Hatch enables students to incorporate code as building blocks which can then be used to create and build fun interactive projects while strengthening core coding fundamentals.


The best part: The core fundamentals can be used to master advanced programming languages such as Java Script, C++ and C# in the future 👩‍💻